“A little. My memorandum. ~ Ponkotsu’s Chat Diary-]


I found a shocking image, so

What I thought when I saw it …

First of all, here is the image …

I retweeted unintentionally.

I’ve been a pachinko clerk for 12 and a half years.

The last seven years …

What is it?

In the last seven years, five years were somewhere else’s affairs, saying, “If you come up with an idea, the upper people will do it if you think it’s good.”

This is my characteristic, “I don’t want to be out.”

And … I’m just a part -time job,

At the company I work, I think that part -time job is a really small gear and the president can’t remember the name.

About the last two and a half years.

From here … what is it?

If the upper one doesn’t do it, the people on the site change the way they move themselves.

If you change the criterion and use it as a value, even in the hall alone

Cleaning the space and gaming platform provided to customers as a pachinko parlor, and the maintenance status can be managed …

It feels like you’re done.

The guy who didn’t want to get out was that he had no choice but to put it out …

I chose a way out.

What did you want to say for what?

“I want to see if this store is a pachinko parlor that should remain in the future for those who really love pachinko and slots.”

“Even if it is not so, it can be considered a disgusting part -time job, and if it will be a pachinko parlor that should be left in the future.”

There was such a feeling.

As I wrote before, I am in the store that is the predecessor of the shop I am working on,

I was here when I was little with my mother.

My mother was messed up at that time, and she tried to force me to take me.

She didn’t care about me when she was pachinko and slot,

She is an uncle who always gets prize sweets.

She is a scary clerk with a punch perm who cares for me playing alone in the dark.

A pachinko parlor with such warm people.

Her mother temporarily escaped from her life,

She was a escape where she could not die,

In this shop that made use of my mother who thought, “I just need to be there.”

Can you do anything …

Another factor is that I was able to meet a challenger Satte store.

At first, I thought it would be necessary to provide the technology I had learned at the pachinko parlor that I first took care of.

Although it was not a pestle that I took in the past, I never worked for another pachinko parlor,

I didn’t know that there were other pachinko parlors and other clerks …

What a different store.

This is … different …

I remember being appalled, but maybe it’s been about three years since I worked?

Become a newcomer educator.

I wonder if this was the opportunity to use a certain kind of pachinko parlor and a clerk.

I made the materials from scratch, and the newcomers I had were 5 people at the same time.

Create files such as who and what and what and how far they told them,

It was hard to share the progress with the bosses.

It was hard, but now.

I hope the people who quit have taken over the pachinko parlor and the clerk’s view.

I think … I don’t think.

Then, like this … that’s right …

In the last two and a half years, I have had many opportunities to scratch.


I am one.

Absolutely this company doesn’t have to be this company …

To remain in the future as a pachinko parlor in the area,

Absolutely I have to do one,

I have decided so …

I will hide what I had decided …

At the end.

What I had decided was not my own power …

I was able to achieve it.

As a miscellaneous soldier, I think it would be a victory.

… just … I got that victory.

It’s already late, but …

Yes, various struggles, myself.

There were few people who understand it, but …

I fought.

I think I missed it.

But to the boss

From the time I spit out a word, “I will retire at the end of September.”

It’s like an image on the beginning.

It was that state.

You noticed that image.

No, maybe it was a little more filled with the element of “work”.

Two years ago, there was a case where home power balance and relationships changed dramatically.

I wonder if the hole opened at that time was about half that …

No, about 70 % of the hole in that image.

That much hole was opened and it was buried due to work

It was a hole like an image because I was retired this time … feel?

Oh, yeah, I feel like that now …

So I can’t think of anything after next month …

What do you think after seeing this memorandum five years later?

Do you think, “The decision at that time wasn’t wrong?”

Do you think “it was wrong”?

No … it’s not a mistake …

I wonder if the road I walked from this time was correct or not right …


Does 카지노 this mean that a hole is open?

Due to the pursuit of the Japan Restoration Association, the Upper House election, which will be voted on July 10, is a constitutional Democratic Party who may even fall from the opposition party’s first party. However, at this time, it seems that the members of the party have suddenly emerged to their presence. The journalist Naori Onaka, who served as Deputy Director of Politics in the former Mainichi Shimbun, convey their dynamism. This time, Mr. Onaka considered why the members of the party were awakened and began to appeal to them again, and they evaluated their attitude to them. It describes why you do.

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Profile: Kaori Onaka (Kaori Kaori)

journalist. Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1965. She joined the Mainichi Shimbun in 1988, and she mainly covered the opposition and the Diet in the political department. After working as Deputy Director of Political Department, Kawasaki Branch, and Opinon Group editorial committee, she left the company in September 2019. She has written a new book, Shinzo Abe and Naoto Kan’s Emergency Leadership (Shueisha Shinsho), co -authored “Yukio Edano’s true value” (Mainichi Shimbun Publishing).

The presence of constitutional founding members

The Upper House election less than one week until the 10th voting date. Among the Constitutional Democratic Party, which had been struggled in the early situation, etc., came here and began to show a strong presence, such as former representatives Yukio Edano and former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the main presidents of the party. The members. He thoroughly destroyed the Japan Restoration Association, which is enthusiastic about the constitutional party’s first party, and appeals to the attack, “The opposition is just criticism,” with the opposite of the “opposition.” It is noted that the constitutional strategy in the attacking mode is fully opened will affect the final election campaign.

“Even if strong and rich, even stronger and richer will not spread to the world. In the coming era, we will support society from below. It is neither right nor left, but from the grass roots. You have to change it to “politics”. This is the spirit of the constitutional Democratic Party’s party. “

On the evening of the 2nd, in front of Kyoto Tower in Shimogyo -ku, Kyoto. Mr. Edano stood in a support speech by his ally, Tetsuro Fukuyama, who ran for the Kyoto constituency (number 2 re -elections). There are also Kiyomi Tsujimoto, who was defeated in the lower house election in the lower house election and ran for the proportional representative in the Upper House election, and Renhou, who aims for four elections in the Tokyo constituencies (6). The audience was excited about the gathering of all -star cast members of the constitution, and “Kyoto Otomi” was temporarily on Twitter.

The content of Mr. Edano’s speech is the same as when he spoke with Fukuyama five years before the constitution came to the same place. In the so -called “party riot of hope”, Mr. Eno and other liberal members of the former Democratic Party were “excluded”, and the new party, which survived, ran up to the first party’s first party in just 20 days. He seemed to have returned to a strong will to challenge politics again. Despite the struggle of the party, the air of the whole street was surprisingly bright.

As in the case of the party five years ago, the current constitution is difficult.

In the situation of “the minimum after the war, the first party of the after -war”, the founding members overcome various obstacles from the parliament to the merger of political parties, and in the lower house election last fall, the Liberal Democratic Party’s “government election election election election. He succeeded in bringing it into the lower house election, and the announcement of the announcement obtained in the junction was interrupted, and the pain of Mr. Tsujimoto was lost. Both Eno and Fukuyama got off the executive office and left the front line of party management.

In the Upper House election, the Japan Restoration Association, which extended the seats in the lower house 사설홀덤사이트 election, is attacking the opposition first party from the constitution. There is a feeling similar to the “party riot of hope” somewhere, as the conservative party parties come to crush the liberal opposition parties.

However, the members who began with the “bottom” five years ago, excluded from the party belonging, seem to burn in such a driven situation. Mr. Edano complained, “One week from here, they will definitely attack Kyoto (to take the seats from Fukuyama).

Perhaps Mr. Kan was the first to change the air in the party, which was sinking in the lord of the lower house election last fall, criticism, and the rise of the Restoration. “Rampage in the” Enemy String “. Former Prime Minister Naoto Suga, who boarded Osaka and reveals the” identity of the Restoration “(released on June 16),” Former Prime Minister who cuts the Restoration. The truth of “Hitler Remarks” (released on the 18th), but the liver is still a word, “It doesn’t make sense if you don’t attack.”

In the article, he pointed out that Mr. Kan’s “enemy base attack” (chairman of Junya Ogawa), and that the executive department, such as Kenta Izumi, is being born, but the former executive department, such as Edano, was originally in the Diet. There is a strong word that once ignited, just because there are members who have a high fighting power.

On the day of the announcement on June 22, Mr. Edano stood on the street with Mr. Suga in front of JR Kichijoji Station in Musashino City, Tokyo, and said about the Restoration and the National Democratic Party, saying, “I will be in power while pretending to be a opposition. In the confidence resolution, he was absent from the voting and fled. On July 2, he boarded the home of the Meiji Restoration, Kita -ku, Osaka City, and said, “No matter how much the opposition parties who are not in favor of the Cabinet Disposal Resolution are not in favor, (politics) will not change.”

Mr. Suga, who has a long day in Osaka, will enter Osaka on the 3rd following Mr. Edano. Touching an integrated resort (IR), including a casino promoted by the Meiji Restoration, “Casino is a” reform that cuts (the people) “. Is it a reform to cut? ” On the same day, Mrs. Shinko, who is smaller than Mr. Suga himself, is on the same day with the support of Tsujimoto and Renhou. Regarding the Meiji Restoration, he truncated, “Where is the opposition party? I’m aiming for the second party, not the first party, but the ruling party.”

Until now, the Constitution has argued from the ruling and media that “opposition parties are just criticism,” “not just criticism. There are many bills in favor of government proposals.” Certainly it is not a mistake. Nevertheless, the rebuttal in this argument felt that the party was negative about the opposition just criticism.

At the end of the Diet, the constitution began to reverses such a receiving party, raising the party. He began to criticize the “opposition party just criticism,” but he did not criticize. The brushes are not only in other opposition parties, such as the Meiji Restoration, but also to the media attitude.

It is not just the “control of the Restoration” that they reopened and turned to the attack mode. In the background is the reality of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On the 3rd, Tsujimoto made a street address in front of Kichijoji Station with Renhou and appealed.

“If there was a strong opposition in Russia, you might have been able to avoid the war. The only way to create a solid parliament of the ruling and opposition parties with one vote and strengthen democracy will never let the war. is”

I don’t know if this attitude of constitution will be successful as an election tactic. Rather, the criticism of the media during the election is a risky for the party.

However, I still want to evaluate the party’s attitude. It’s not limited to politics, but recently the air that takes criticism like “evil” is too widespread. I think someone has to stop this flow somewhere. The word criticism must be given a positive meaning again.

As a result, constitutional attitude may not lead to the desired election results for the party. Nevertheless, if the idea that “criticism has a positive meaning” is restored to society at all, it may be a small but certain step toward the regeneration of the whole party.

First of all, I would like to look at what kind of evaluation will be made in the 10th vote.

Image by: Twitter (@Constitutional Democratic Party)

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