“Car smartphone holder” which is active in smartphone navigation system 6 recommended selections “There is no place to install!” (FAV-LOG by ITmedia)

PZOZ “CAR PHONE HOLDER MOUNT” (Source: Amazon) If you use the car navigation system for several years, the map information may be old and it may not be very useful. However, even if you update or replace it, it may be costly in tens of thousands of yen to 100,000 yen, so I think many people will take the second step. [Photo] Six recommended “car smartphone holders”! On the other hand, the number of models that can be easily installed and charged, while recent smartphones have improved navigation application functions, and more people use smartphones instead of car navigation. At that time, I think that the problem is the place of smartphone. It is difficult to put it in a place where the driving is not hindered and the route guide is easy to see, but it is convenient to have a holder. So, in this article, I would like to introduce the latest “car smartphone holder” recommendation. How to choose a smartphone holder for cars: The first priority to choose the size of the smartphone is to choose a holder that suits your smartphone size. Recent smartphones vary from small 4 -inch classes to large screens of 6 inches or more. In addition, when using a tablet terminal instead of navigation, the size of the size is even wider, 7 to 13 inches. When purchasing a smartphone holder, I want to choose a perfect size holder. How to choose a smartphone holder for car: If you keep the navigation system with the app that you select depending on the presence or absence of charging function, the battery of the smartphone will decrease rapidly. You may not care much in a short time, but when it comes to long drives, you have to pay attention to terminal battery management. Some smartphone holders have a wireless charging function, so if you are a compatible device, you can charge it simply by placing it on the holder. It is a good idea to consider holders with such functions in view. How to choose a 크레이지슬롯 smartphone holder for car: There are various installation methods for smartphone holders to be selected by installation method. For example, there are a wide variety of things, such as the mounting portion is a double -sided tape, which is attached directly to the dashboard, etc., which is attached to the outlet of the air conditioner, and the base is attached with double -sided tape to attach a holder with a sucker or double -sided tape. Since all types have a good and short, it is necessary to choose depending on the structure of the target car and the place where it is easy to see. In any case, install it so that it does not block the visibility and use it safely.

Usually the first memory is more intense than others.

The first day I was alone, the first day I was on the plane, the first day I was drinking, the first driving, the first breakup, the first dinner, etc. …

It is already seven years ago when I first went abroad, but I remember the memory of the first day in detail so that I can describe it vividly in time. Since then, I have a lot of similar experiences, but the memory is not as clear as the first time. Perhaps it is roughly saved in a similar category in the brain. Is it time that time goes fast when you get older? The first experiences are getting less and less, and they live similarly every day, so there is no need to remember differently. Dull dull every day and less to remember. Looking back on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and gold, it is summarized as a weekday when you went to the company.

Therefore, something new is excited in many ways, but it is especially good in that the memory of the new category is stored. In this trip to Macau, I created the first category of ‘casino game’.

Macau is a city of casino. Many people come to Macau to do casinos. I also wanted to see the unique cultures and heritage that had been under Portuguese for more than 400 years as I went to Macau. Did you feel like you’re experiencing Las Vegas?

However, it turns out that Macau’s casino size is about three times larger than Las Vegas. (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/las-vs-vs-macau-numbers-214659491.html) In Vegas, where American people are mostly in a slot machine, of course, in Macau, where many Chinese people This overwhelming popularity is due to cultural characteristics? Interesting.

Before going to the casino game, I first went to the night view of the brilliant Cotai and went to see the house of dancing water at the City of Dreams. I didn’t have a few seats in a hurry, so I sat down in front of me, and it was good to be able to see the water in moderation.

At first, the ticket price was a bit expensive, but it shows the brilliant military duties and arts that seem to be possible only if they have a lot of exercises and talents that they can not imagine for 90 minutes. The dance hanging on the ring sculpture above was so beautiful that it was even touching.

It was time to see the performances, watch the night view, and play in a casino game in earnest.

In fact, the day before, I was tired of getting off the plane until midnight, but I didn’t wash and led my body and went to the casino at the bottom of the hotel. In order to enjoy what kind of game people play, what the rules of the game are, and how to do it, they needed a preliminary exploration. At first, I just thought about seeing it for a while, but it was fun to see a lot of people gathering on the table and watching it for quite a long time. Contrary to my expectations, there were a lot of tourists in modestly, and it was a healthy atmosphere than I thought. Of course, it was shocking that people in simple dressed were playing games with a lot of money.

I didn’t know the rules of the game, so I downloaded the Blackjack Game app from Korea and even learned it, but when I went, I couldn’t help it. In addition, the basic settings of the game consoles and the words used by dealers and guests were more confused because they were Chinese.

He returned to the room with a lot of questions and pledged tomorrow. Today is the day of the battle.

G and I have prepared not only the preliminary exploration but also the preparation of the heart in advance. It’s scary to think about going to the game without a limit, but I was worried that I would be sad if I lost money. If you think about it now, it seems to have been in the sidelines.

Once again, I committed my heart and looked around the casino. Macau’s table games were different for each table, but the minimum bet was about about $ 200 and $ 300. If you walked about 3,000 won in one bet, it would not be a few games for our game funds and it would be almost fast. Fortunately, most of the games, except Blackjack and Baccarat, were able to enjoy video machines, and in that case, the minimum betting amount was much lower, making it suitable for small gamblers like us.

Slot machine

I asked G before going to Macau. We both did not know the fun of the slot machine. Nevertheless, it is the representative game of the casino, so each of the first games is $ 100 slot machine. I didn’t know exactly what kind of picture it would come out, but I just put $ 100 and just pressed the button with only the betting amount.

Occasionally, when something of the same shape came out, it went up a few dollars, but it was usually fast. The $ 100 I put in quickly fell to less than $ 20 and was almost the same.

When I was young, when I played the game, there was a short bonus game in the middle, and there was a game that gave me a lot of silver. The bonus screens of such a feeling came up, and the balance that had been reduced by nearly $ 20 began to go up again with the sound of the entertainment room game. The sound of a sweet sound of the ‘tiri’ feel, but the song of the entertaining entertainment is heard, and the money has exceeded $ 60 and exceeded $ 100. Even though I broke the $ 130, I continued to go up without thinking, and finally stopped at $ 180.

Unbelievable. $ 80 will be quickly earned. (I had already lost $ 80 before that, so I felt about $ 160 in my body.)

Oh, this is the charm of the slot machine. I confirmed the lottery winning and the numbers were in succession. My money goes up a lot, and I look at the numbers that go up with the expectation without knowing how far.

I didn’t know why I did a slot machine, and G has completely understood why.


Roulette also challenged because the rules seemed relatively easy. I wanted to go to the table operated by the dealer and put the chips on the table and experience the casino game in the movie, but I couldn’t bet a few hundred dollars. The rules were simple. You can meet what number will come out, but you can have a 50%chance of whether it’s red or black, or you may have a specific number.

G has lost 바둑이게임사이트 almost $ 100 and finished with $ 100 and almost $ 200.

Is this also a personality difference? G had a tendency to bet on a low probability of getting big drains, and I seemed to tend to minimize the risk and bet on a big probability.


The game we had the most fun game was dice. Half of the $ 600 budget was put into this game. It is a game that bet on the results of the three dice, and the sum of the sum of less than 11 or less is less than 50%of the journal to the exact three values ​​of the dice.

By bet on several combinations, he could have a hedging strategy (?). The small billboards attached to each game device show a trend of the recent numbers, and sometimes they are on the trend, and sometimes they have followed the laws of the algebra, saying, ‘It’s time for a big number to come out!’ Sometimes I said, ‘It’s a probability of independence anyway!’

G was in the trend of earning money several times in a row. The amount of betting (number) set in advance is over.

G asked this way, but my hand quickly had to press the cash out button. He laughed that he didn’t know it was so firm.

But when I used the last bet on the dice and asked, “Would you like a little more?”

As a result, we finished with losing $ 100, which is about 5,000 won. It was not bad because they enjoyed two and a half hours.

G is now good at driving now as a deputy knight Alba, but before we dated, I had burned me when I first started driving about seven years ago. He trembled with no mental room to talk, and eventually drove to his house and stopped and played and played. The memory of that time is a little precious memory now.

If you go to the casino again next time, you will be able to enjoy it more skillfully than now. You can sit at the table and do blackjack and baccarat. You will play naturally and freely without talking from budget to mind. Still, it seems to be more special as this day of sharing the first time together.

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