Chidori Daigo “I have learned about half of my life in the slot” “Lasting young people’s slots” (crank -in!)

Murakami of Comedy Combination Magical Love Buri appears on the 18th broadcast “ABEMA / every Sunday at 23:00). He laments “Young Slot separation” along with MC Chidori Daigo. [Photo] In this broadcast, “Pachitifesal” Ken, who bothered into a suit and pretends to be a salaried worker to deceive a pachinko parlor, is a lecturer who is worried about young people’s slots away, and a special project that teaches the charm of slots and the secrets of the slot. “Hot blood! Slot school” opened. Gravure idol Sayaka Tomomaru and comedy combination, Tokyo Hyoteisson, will appear as a studio guest, and will participate in the “Slot School” with Daigo. At the beginning, Daigo lamented, “This is a big deal.” “I 코인카지노 learned about half of my life in the slot. Everything is clogged,” said Murakami: Murakami, who started the lecture and said, “I want to convey the goodness of the slot today,” said Murakami, who said, “Slots are cool!” Daigo commented, “Did the teacher can say this already?” Murakami also said, “I’ve been here for almost 20 years and arrived here. Put up. Murakami writes three keywords, “Medal, Pecari, and eyes” to explain “what is cool in the slot”, but the Tokyo Hyoteison’s Shogo, who has never hit a slot, is confused. The expression of. In addition, there is one act that Daigo excites lectures with the practice on the slot platform prepared in the studio. The “Chance Time” featuring Murakami will be broadcast on Abema at 23:00 on the 18th. After that, it was overlooked for one week.

A compact body slightly smaller than a middle tower

The body size of LAVIE GX is about 170 (width) x 308.6 (depth) x 370 (height) mm, which is slightly more compact than the so -called “middle tower”. It is a size that is easy to store under the desk at home. The front panel depicts the “Gozushi” pattern, which is conscious of Japanese modern. On the panel, an LED light called “Cool White” is placed as a band. The NECPC representative says, “I aimed for a design that did not feel uncomfortable even if I put it in the living room.” The editor says, “I like this!” It may be just a good balance for those who say, “I want a gaming PC, but it looks too flashy …”. On the front of the main unit is a USB 3.2 GEN 1 Type-C port, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, USB3.2 GEN 2 Type-A port, and headphone / microphone conbojack. There is a power button 해외바카라사이트 on it. There are about 90mm case fans at the top of the back, and a power supply unit is located at the bottom. Approximately 90mm fans are on the front, which is an airflow called “front intake → back exhaust”. The sound is not very concerned if it is a light -loading app like a Microsoft Office, but if you use a continuously loaded application like a benchmark test, the body gets quite hot. However, when the temperature of the CPU core was obtained using “Core Temp”, it did not exceed 70 degrees even at high load, and when returned to the idle state, it settled to the 40 degree level. It can be said that it is cooled down while air cooling. The ports implemented on the motherboard are USB 2.0 Type-A terminals x 4, wired LAN (1000BASE-T terminal, audio output terminal. There is an analog RGB (D-Sub) output terminal, but it is installed. CPU (Core i7-12700F) is not available because it does not have a built-in GPU. The video output of the graphics card is a displayport terminal x 3 and HDMI terminal x 1. 2 slots at the bottom of the graphics card. There is a free space, but the actual empty slot is PCI Express 4.0 x1 x 1.

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