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3 -stage technology design method for creating customer experience in Venue


The Athenian Academy, drawn by the Renaissance of the Italian Renaissance era, shows that there was a Venue for MICE in ancient Greek era. As a place where philosophical thinkers of the time gathered together and talked together, the Athenian Institute showed a historic MICE Venue.

Since ancient Greece, Venu for meetings and performances has made a lot of development in terms of size and facilities, but most of the Venue is still a gathering space for people. However, as technology for supporting communication between people, such as mobile devices, communications, and AI, the role of Venue is also changing very rapidly. In particular, the technology provided by Venue is not just for Venu services, but rather the event planners who use the space are able to go beyond time and space to enable customized services and dramatic production. Therefore, Venue operators need to recognize digital technology as an essential technology to implement the platform to provide the experience of the Venue visitors, not just the tool for the convenience of the operation of the Venue.

So what kind of blueprint should Venu want to implement digital technology? VM Consulting proposes a digital venous technology design method for creating a customer experience of MICE Venue based on how Diloit’s 2016 stadium has been introduced.

3 -stage technology design method for creating customer experience in Venue

Daloit, a global consulting firm, presented a three-stage design concept in 2016 to realize digital technology in the stadium, which is divided into open technology technology for creating sports fan experience-sports fan experience, which is the infrastructure technology of the stadium-stadium user. done.

This is a methodology for experience marketing with sports stadiums, sports teams, and sports fans by implementing digital technology on sports facilities. Of course, the sports stadium can also be used for various purposes as a venue for exchanges between people. Therefore, VM consulting was transformed into a digital technology model of MICE Venue in order to use the contents of the above Deloitte more broadly. The figure below shows the three -stage digital technology technology that MICE Venue should have.

1. MICE Technology Infrastructure Layer

This stage refers to the technology that is the most basic of Venue, as it is, and can be explained by dividing it into technology to manage hardware and foundation technology for supporting communication between people. These technologies mainly contain the following.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi access technology for smooth communication between Venue visitors and event organizers

AR/VR Studio: Studio for meetings and hybrid events using virtual space

Immersive digital signage: Advertising/event guide display using 3D, hologram, etc.

AI -based computer vision system: detects emergencies such as terrorism or fire that can occur at the venue

Participant Data Processing Technology: Provide information from the event participants and provide it to the organizer.

Public Transportation Guide System: Provides transportation information that can move from Venue to the main point of the city

ESG management system: Support for sustainable venue by managing carbon emissions and eco -friendly energy production.

ERP System: Support for MICE Business through Integrated Management of Event Organizers, Venue, and Visitor Data

2. MICE Enabling Technology Layer

No matter how good Venue has a state -of -the -art infrastructure technology such as excellent customer data analysis technology and VR studio, it will be a dance if the MICE organizer or performance planner cannot use these infrastructure technology. Therefore, the foundation technology of Venue should be able to easily access the third -party customer, that is, the MICE organizer, and use it as a technology for the activation of the event. In this way, there is a need for a support stage to connect the data technology that customers have in the middle, such as the infrastructure technology and the event organizer. This stage includes tools, protocols, or data technology for MICE organizers access to the Venue infrastructure technology.

Open API: A technology that allows MICE organizers and external technology companies to develop venue -related service apps by approaching Venue’s event schedule, rental space information, etc.

Broadcasting System: A technology that allows you to stream broadcasting by using the event content held in Venue

Interactive touch screen: Touch screen technology used for purchasing tickets for MICE event and parking settlement

Mobile POS System: Mobile Purchasing System to link sales information such as restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops in Venue with the Venue Operation Team

Location -based LBS System: Venue Water Finding System that guides the location of an exhibition booth and the 코인카지노 location of convenience facilities by identifying the location of the user

3. MICE Experience Layer

The MICE experience layer refers to the technologies implemented in contact with the final MICE customer by being located at the top of the three stages of Venue Technology. Therefore, MICE participants can use this stage of technology to experience MICE visit, and MICE organizers can also use these technologies to provide customers with unforgettable experiences. These technologies include the following:

Mobile app: Mobile applications that provide information on Venue events or Venue convenience facilities

Mobile Ticket Ticket System: Ticket Purchasing/Reservation Confirmation Technology for Reservation of Events such as MICE

MICE Rewards Program: Venue-Hotel-Casino, etc.

Miss Mileage Technology Program

AI -based event recommendation system: Analysis of participants’ personal information and using AI technology to suit your personal taste

NLP chatbot service: Chatbot technology that supports real -time customer counseling using Nature Processing Technology (NLP)

Robot Service: Supports customer road guidance and event information guidance in the lobby of Venue and the inside of the venue.

Mobile robot technology

Digital Meeting Technology: Virtual product exhibition technology such as online video conferences and holograms for remote meetings and buyer counseling

Media Art using the Venue Outer Wall: By implementing media art using multimedia facade on the outer wall of Venue, Venue itself is used as a tourism resource, and as an advertising medium for corporate brand events

External Technology Corporate Collaboration System: Use AR Game Development in the background of space rental service or venue space using Venue’s empty event space

What is the future of digital Venue Technology?

As mentioned above, Venue’s digital technology can be implemented on the three -stage hierarchical foundation. In particular, all technologies, from the MICE infrastructure stage to the support stage and the customer experience stage, should ultimately be designed under the integrated foundation for the creation of the customer experience of the MICE participant. Therefore, if the Venu has a variety of purposes, such as a convention center, a museum, a performance hall, and an art museum, digital technology should first set up what experience the experience will provide to customers and enter the technology. Above all, how to collect and analyze the behavioral data of many visitors visiting Venue and share it with MICE organizers and external companies is very important in creating an integrated customer experience. Future Venue Satisfaction and Creation of Revenue Models are directly connected to how these data can be processed. The future of Digital Venue Technology is the data business.

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