“Finally watering … polygaprine No. 7 (Part 2)”

Yaoi TJ

Yesterday was actually going to work after a long absence after 16 consecutive holidays

What is it because I’m not motivated at all

My body was too heavy and I was in tired mode all day

Moreover, the alto that I usually use for commuting

My wife usually uses it because I went to the vehicle inspection

When I commute to C25 Serena, on the way

The engine is upset …

It does not accelerate even if you step on the accelerator

If it’s a climbing slope, only 40km/h comes out

I managed to get up to 60km/h on the flat ground

I managed to get to the company

I am indebted to the company’s company car

Where I got a Nissan dealer

The failure of the throttle valve is found! !

It ’s a painful expense

Let’s take care of it and it’s the main subject

Following yesterday, I have been watering for water today

It is the middle zone in the succulent shelf No. 7

With my favorite Romeo

Super clone -only tray

I wonder if it will be a pot bread size soon

I didn’t water it for almost a month

It becomes wrinkled …

The lower leaves die in large quantities

There are stocks …

There are some stocks that are normal.

Momo red is an ordinary person

If you look closely, with my hand on the surface of the water

The tip of the smartphone is a beautiful blue sky

The clouds were shown

6 tray 90 pot watering is complete

This center zone becomes ★

I was relieved that there was no extremely damaged stock.

August is also in the second half …

Even if the autumn growth switch is turned on

I feel good.

When the minimum temperature drops a little more

Will the switch turn on?

It’s about time to prepare for replanting in autumn

I have to do it





Super clone

Super clone

I am participating in the ranking.

Please click on Momotaro’s photo

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