“Former Prime Minister Abe and Sadogatake Room … the heart is”

With the former Prime Minister Abe

It will be a Sadogatake room

What is that heart?

In both cases, “things” will be indispensable

* The wrestlers of the Sadogatake room have a “koto” in the name of Shiko.

* The Abe administration’s policy is inseparable from “glue coating”.

(By the way, the room belongs is a scam -gatake room)

Glue coating? What

… Cheating in a temporary manner, repairing the place

I see … I write it with glue

… What kind of “glue” paint?

… What kind of wrestlers are there?

… OK, let’s introduce!

Ten carpettage horizontal

… At first glance, “glue” with fair and anti -different slogans at first glance, such as “women’s success”, “eliminating non -regular employment”, “working to increase the wages of workers”, and “increase overseas trainees and tourists”. However, wrestlers say that they cannot hide their real intentions, emphasizing their families and nations than individuals, their gaps are neglected. The number of the accelerator and the brake at the same time do not go up or fall

Makuuchi Glue Joet (Kotokiki)

… A wrestler who is good at changing the “survey method” of working statistics and economic statistics, or “rewriting” a little better. Using the special skill of Abenomics, he was promoted to Ozeki once, but the second and third techniques fell from Ozeki, and the wrestlers of “yen depreciation” and “price high” have no teeth. Down in the lower part of Makuuchi

Small glue coating diplomacy (Let’s go)

… I have been a wrestler (prime minister) for a long time (the number of abroad) (the number of abroad), but is it really strong? A suspicious wrestler. For some reason, the formation of an initiative that does not play against Yokozuna Rice has been questioned, and he has been involved in the strong enemy Russhi Russia and Nakano Hana. On the other hand, it is provoked in the rehearsal room for some reason from the North Coria outside the number.

Sekiwaki Glue coating

… When a scandal erupts in the room, the other wrestler to pursue is ridiculously ridiculed, leaving a comment that says, “There is something more important,” “just pull your feet with criticism”, and “just like Japan”. A wrestler that often appears in online news. He is good at reversal, withdrawal, and cat decapitation on the ring. There is a jinx that only wrestlers in the fraudulent room play an active part in the place where the Kinami room is upset

Ozeki Glue Painting Event

… I am good at flashy techniques that make it a picture, such as throwing the Olympics, hanging out, dropping casinos, and looking at cherry blossoms, and the number of video plays is also a great deal. He has a leading “Tanimachi” such as Yoshimoto entertainers, international politicians and critics. Even in the one -sided defeat, there is no choice but to comment on the unreasonable support that “No, if you look closely, the glue coating event is winning”.

… However, there were a series of accusations that the flashy technique itself was based on flinchi and eight -hundreds, and even arrested.

Yokozuna Glue (Koku Sogi He is Kotosagi)

… In order to show off the evils of Abe’s parent in the fraudulent room, how great he was inside and outside, the Japanese government’s President Kishida sent the chairman of the Church of Tanaka in Japan to Yokozuna’s councilor. Yokozuna is alleged to have been promoted. She should be proud of it inside and outside, but she is not much regarded from the outside, and there is a strong opposition from the inside that “the promotion of suspicion” and “the fake Yokozuna”. Nevertheless, the Yokozuna promotion party of glue coating is expected to be forced

Regardless of whether the rumors of the 800 -chores are constantly, no matter how much anti -matching rumors are rolled up in this way, there are more than half of the scam -gatake room wrestlers in the national political world. , Purification does not progress …

From this situation, the spectator mobilization (turnout) gradually decreases, but rather, only the fraudulent room with a stable tanimachi becomes even more dominant …

Why does this happen?

tell me! Fuji in the north

Do you say, “Do you know what you ask me.

If you think so, 카지노 Yokozuna is full of wounds, Ozeki is not worthwhile, young people are still penetrating …

I think the square world is still better than the political world ~

If Kissi also peels off the “glue”, the approval rating will rise … sorry

Finally, I apologize for the very rude wrestlers, masters, and supporters with the “koto” in the Sadogatake room.

Macau is a small area with a area of ​​about 32 square kilometers and a population of about 680,000 (special administrative districts in China), but about 40 casino facilities, sports lottery for horse racing, soccer and basketball, and lots. There is also a legal gambling and is operated by a private business operator that concludes the government and concession (management right contract). On September 7, the Macau Government Research Bureau announced human resource needs and salary surveys in the gaming (gambling including casinos) in the second quarter of this year (April -June 2022). The survey of the statistics does not include a casino brokerage (junket promoter) or a casino intermediary partner. As of the second quarter of this year, the number of full -time gaming workers was 53,592, down 2176 from the same period of the previous year (down 3.9%). For casino dealers, it was 24093, down 550 (down 2.2%). The average monthly remuneration for full -time gaming workers in June (including bonuses, etc.) was 1.8%from the same month last year, which was 23,270 Pataka (Japanese yen conversion: about 409,000 yen). For casino dealers, 2.9%decreased 2.9%to 19,370 Pataka (about 341,000 yen). As of the end of the second quarter of this year, the vacant position was only 19 frames, which was only 37 from the same period of the previous year. Regarding recruitment conditions, 10.5%of work experience is 10.5%, and 78.9%of high school graduates or high -middle graduates or junior high school graduates. In addition, 100%, 89.5%, each of which requires Chinese (so -called Mandarin) and English. The number of new employees in the second quarter of this year was 143, the number of employees was 816, the employee employment rate was 0.3%, which dropped by 0.5 points from the same period of the previous year, the turnover rate was 0.3 points, and the vacancy rate was 1.5%, and the vacancy rate was. It was almost zero, and as the influence of the new Corona was prolonged, it was still reflecting the sluggish human resource demand in the industry. In the second quarter of this year, Macau’s population was 677.7 million (end of term), the working population was 3781 million, the working population was 3642 million, and the total unemployment rate was 3.7%. The ratio of gaming workers to the total population of Macau is 7.9%in simple calculation and 14.7%of the working population. The average monthly income exceeded 15,300 Pataka (approximately 269,000 yen), which is a middle monthly salary of the Macau work population in the 바카라사이트 second quarter of this year. In Macau, since late January 2020, the number of inbound passengers has dropped sharply due to the strengthening of epidemic control measures, including the entry restrictions associated with the trend of the new colon virus infections, and the casino sales are forced to decline in proportion to this. It is done. The shift to withcorona policy has progressed worldwide, and casinos have rapidly recovered in the US Las Vegas, Singapore, and the Philippines, while Macau has been consisting of a zero korona policy following the mainland of China, and the light and dark are clearly divided. It is.

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