“[French food] Mon Ami Gabi (Nevada: Las Vegas)”

Today is

When I went to Las Vegas

About the restaurant I used

I would like to introduce it.

Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi

Operated by Lettuke Entertain You Enterprises (Leye)

His restaurant offers French cuisine.

As of June 2022

・ Chicago (Illinois: IL) (head office)

・ Reston (Virginia: 메가슬롯 Va)

・ BETHESDA (Mary Land: MD)

・ Las Vegas (Nevada: NV)

There are 4 stores.

The concept of Mon Ami Gabi is

Rich Melman, the founder of Leye

At a luxury restaurant AMBRIA owned by Leye

I was born when I enjoyed dinner with my family.

“French cuisine by French chef

I want to make his restaurant that you can enjoy casually. “

I thought Rich Melman was


In Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois

The first store of Mon Ami Gabi has been opened.

The restaurant name “Mon Ami Gabi” is

In English, it means “My Friend Gabi”

Leye chef

It was named after Gabino Sotelino.

Las Vegas’s Mon Ami Gabi

Paris Las Vegas

It is on the first floor.

Las Vegas’s Mon Ami Gabi

Executive chef

Vincent Pouessel.

Vincent Pouessel is

In a small town in France

He grew up in a family that runs a butcher.

He has been training in cooking since he was young

Located in Buretany, France

He started working as a chef at Chez LamèrePourcel.

He sifts his arms in Bordeaux and Paris, France,

Located in the Eiffel Tower

Michelin stars with stars

Le Jules Verne chef

He was entrusted to him.

In 2001

He moved from France to Las Vegas

Restaurant in the hotel in Las Vegas

MGM Grand Mansion

Mandalay Bay AUREOLE

Venetian DB Brasserie

I polished his arms.

And 2016,

At Mon Ami Gabi of Paris Las Vegas

He has become an executive chef.

He is in cooking

With both France and the United States

Has a wealth of knowledge

He was particular about fresh and high quality seasonal ingredients

He seems to offer food.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino

In front of (Bellagio Hotel & Casino)

Bellagio fountain (Bellagio Fountain)

You can enjoy the meal while watching.

This time, I ordered

・ HANGER STEAK (upper right)

・ Steak Classique (lower left)

・ GARLIC SPINACH (lower right)

・ Bananas Foster Crêpe (upper left)

It is 4 points.

HANGER STEAK ($ 33.95)

Side: Hand-Cut Frites

Butter from France Bordeaux

It is attached.

Steak Classique ($ 34.95)

Side: Mashed Potato

Maître d’Hôtel butter

With butter, parsley, lemon juice, salt, pepper

A composite butter -source -originated in France

It is attached.


It is sauteed spinach and garlic.

Bananas Foster Crêpe ($ 13.95)

Vanilla cream and bananas are attached

It is a crepe.

This time, I didn’t order,


I put gruyère cheeks

Onion Soup Gratin


Garlic Herb butter / Escargot

Oven -grilled

Well as,

Because it looks like a classic menu of Mon Ami Gabi

This restaurant

If you have the opportunity to use it again

I want to eat it.



“French cuisine by French chef

His restaurant that you can enjoy casually “

I think.

During the meal

The Bellagio fountain rises

I think you can enjoy it several times, so

The location is also the best.

For sightseeing in Las Vegas

For meals such as lunch and dinner

It is a recommended restaurant.

Thank you for your feast ★

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