Have you already checked the evolved Furla autumn and winter new work? ── Special Feature: “Bag and Wallet” (GQ JAPAN)

New series, crowded

The Fulla Fall / Winter Men’s Collection in 2022 is inspired by a surfer. The design of the sea is dropped into the sea, such as the waves that draw beautiful rolls, the row of the coastline, and the sea animals. I also want to pay attention to new challenges, such as picking up a modena pattern by Sabrina Mezzaqui, a new artist from Bologna, Italy. ■ MAN ENEA L TOTE The “Man ENair” series assumed to be used in the business scene. The tote bag is W34 x H35.5 x H17.5cm and plenty of capacity. There is no lid and it is open tote specifications, so access is easy. The strap is long, and even if you wear the outer, you can hang it from your shoulder. The simple design that can be used for a long time is also attractive. ■ MAN COSMO PHONE HOLDER A new work of the “Man Cosmo” series, a nylon fon holder appears. It has a zipper on the side and can be used as a mini wallet. There are two card slots in the compartment. The size is W11 x H17.5 x D1.5cm and the strap length is 52cm. The bright green is also likely to be a styling color. ■ MAN COSMO M BACKPACK The hand -drawn geometric pattern, Modena pattern, was dropped into the bag. Beautiful patterns like mosaic tiles. Because it is a monotone, it is good not to choose the clothes you wear. The size is W28.5 x H40 x D13cm, which is just the right capacity for everyday use. There is one slit pocket in the main compartment. ■ MAN ENEA M Messenger The new line “Man ENair” started this season. It features an under -statement embossed logo and a flap designed by cutting a single leather. The modest blue color tone fits in the suit. The size is W31 x H24 x D10cm, and A4 size laptops 카지노 can be stored. There are other black colors. ■ Modena pattern also appears in MAN GIOVE L CASUAL TOTE classic series “Man Joven”! The size is L (W38 x H32 x D11cm), which is the easiest to use. There is one zipper pocket in the main compartment. ■ A block pattern wallet has appeared on the wallet of Man Cosmo “Man Cosmo”. In addition to the calm three colors, the size of the capacity 1, the card slit 6, and the coin pocket 1 are attractive. The size is W19.5 x H10 x 2cm. The modest emboss logo is also a nice atmosphere. ■ MAN SIRIO BI-FOLD Modena pattern also has embossed patterns. This two -fold wallet has six card slits in addition to money clip. The size is W11 x H8 x D2cm. The soft touch unique to the calf tickles the desire to own it. Flura Japan TEL.0120-951-673 www.furla.com

The purchase of BACCARAT (Baccarat) in Ashiya City, Higashi -Nada Ward, Kobe City is to “Daikichi” Celva Konan San Hand store!

The purchase of BACCARAT (Baccarat) in Ashiya City, Higashi -Nada Ward, Kobe City is to “Daikichi” Celva Konan San Hand store!

Thank you for visiting the blog of Daikichi Serba Konan Hand store, a purchase specialty store.

Higashi Nada (Fukae Honjo Motoyama Aoki Okamoto Uozaki Sumiyoshi Kamo Kogahara Rokko Island),

We have visited every day from Ashiya City and Nishinomiya City.

Finally, we have won the visitor.

I’m glad to win, even though it’s the lowest highway.

Especially yesterday, Obata’s first home run jumped out.

I hope the team gets excited in one shot from unexpected players.

After that, Gunkel pitcher was not good enough, but managed to put together two runs and won the first time this season.

It’s still a difficult situation, but I want you to do your best.

The purchase of BACCARAT (Baccarat) in Ashiya City, Higashi -Nada Ward, Kobe City is to “Daikichi” Celva Konan San Hand store!

The introduction of this purchase is the product of this BACCARAT (Baccarat) purchased by Higashinada customers.

It is a flower base of BACCARAT (Baccarat) eyebrows.

BACCARAT (Baccarat) has a lot of kinds, and there are different designs with similar designs.

It may take a lot of time to determine, but this time it was still an easy -to -understand line.

It seems that it was a gift, but it seems that he had never used it and stayed in it all the time.

Although there are differences depending on the condition, at the purchase specialty store Daikichi Serba Konan San Hand store

BACCARAT products are being praised.

In addition to BACCARAT (Baccarat), we also buy tableware and miscellaneous goods.

Please consult Daikichi Serba Konan Yamaten store for tableware that is difficult to dispose of in Higashinada and Ashiya.

If you want to sell BACCARAT (Baccarat), at Daikichi Serba Konan Hand store, a purchase specialty store!

Purchase specialty store Daikichi Serba Konan San Hand store

Address: 1-5-1 Morinan-cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 1st floor

Phone number: 0120-37-5637

Business hours: 10: 00-19: 00 Open all year round

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