“I’m working today! copper? On-air date! ]


Nika -chan

I have a tough migraine today

It seems to be a job near Teppen …

thank you for your hard work…

It afflicts really Nica

The migraine is persistent ~

I wish I could go somewhere soon


I wonder if I can do it for 100,000 yen today

Nika -chan Day ~

Well, the assessment of unnecessary items for celebrities

Nika -chan is the caretaker

Not the main for me

This is the main event ~

Why Nika -chan

Whether it came to be called Lacostine

Although it has been omitted

If you explain briefly

I mistakenly read Baccarat as Lacostin

Today at Haneda Airport

With the question from the tour facility of JAL

Lacostine (explosion) that makes you feel a little confident

To the lined up with CA’s successive uniforms

The uniform that was written

It’s a home

Correct answer

Unfortunately, the wheel is incorrect …

I couldn’t read Mimura Kun here

I’m really depressed

But do it eight times

Because I haven’t done any goal

Lacostin who encourages mysterious encouragement …

Nice Flight! In the question from

Demonstrate the first time

Lacostin Nikaido who repeats the correct answers one after another

If you notice, one more question until the goal

Confident Lacostin Nikaido

Can you read it?

Oh … it was no good

Nika -chan who loves nailifras

The English words that appear in the nailifras

Rather than reading

I wonder if I felt like listening …

This time Kun Tamamori will play a doctor

I hope you can read German ~

Speaking of the drama

Sen -chan also decided to appear in the drama


I’m a little disappointed

I’m sorry for my heart …

At the end…

Finally broadcast 바카라사이트/a> date ~

I wonder if I can get up …

Let’s call it a day

● What is Mun Henn Sound?

The Mun Henn Sound is a disco sound that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s before Eurobeat and high -energy were popular. In Munich, the third largest city of Germany (right photo), which boasts 1.4 million population after Berlin and Hamburg, producer Giorgio Moroda (currently 80 years old, right photo) created a lock with a synthesizer. 。

In the movie soundtrack, he is in charge of “American Gigolo”, “Midnight Express”, “Scarface”, “Flash Dance”, “Never Ending Story”, “Top Gun”, “Over the Top”, etc. It has been highly evaluated. He won the 1983 Academy Song Award for 1983 in Flash Dance in 1983. By the way, Moroda is Italian, as Giorgio’s name.

● Mun Henn Sound introduced in the past

The singer featured in my blog is from the left of the photo, 온라인카지노 Genghis Khan (2014/1/3), Bonnie M Modern Talking Arabesque

〇The Silver Convention is a discomfort group of three women in West Germany. A central artist of Munich sound. Fly Robin Fly (Fly Robin Fly) became the No. 1 nationwide in 1975. One of the Silver Convention members, Penny McLaine, launched a Lady Bump in the same year, and became a huge hit on a disco. 〇Bakara’s “Temptation Boogie” did not broadcast for its sexy intro depending on the radio station, but not only in the west Germany for eight consecutive weeks charts, but also in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium. He said that it was the first place in Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, etc., sold more than 16 million copies, and was the best -sold female duo in 1977. 〇Blondie is a rock band from the United States. Female vocalist Deborah Harry (now 74 years old) is known as a representative group of “New Wave”, which was prosperous in the late 1970s. It was dissolved once in 1982, but was reunited in 1997. The original singer of “Heart will not return”, which covered (1986) and became a huge hit. Her albums are rich in variety, from rocky to medium, and ballads, and vocals are also rich in voice. (1986) was originally a fashion designer and debuted in 1986 with “Your My Love”. He was an idol at the time (in 2012, died at the age of 63, photographed), produced by Giorgio Moroda in the 1970s and worked as a disco music leader. It was called the Queen of Disco, and was dominant.

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