“[Make -up investment ①] Aunt who fell into hell in a bubble -Sad memories

[Aunt who fell into hell in a bubble]

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I only wrote a success story

The story of the jumping experience is also firm

I will write

This story is not my own story,

The story of the bubble era.

What is the bubble era?

About 1987 to 1990,

That’s when I was in elementary school.

My aunt gets on the flow of the bubble

Buy and sell golf membership

(Recently buying and selling is also popular, but it’s like stocks)

She is active as a female president

It was a millionaire.

She was a hundred million a day at the back casino

I said normally,

When I go to an apartment in Tokyo

A lot of mink coats come out

Speaking of meals

Luxury teppanyaki restaurant with a chef

At a high -end shabu -shabu store in Ginza

It was really exceptional.

But it was sweet

The bubble bursts in no time,

Business has no longer possible.

The big company in Hamamatsucho was also folded,

Most employees are fired,

Eventually at home apartment

I continued my business in detail.

Still sad

I can’t escape my life at that time.

No matter how much money you make

Don’t increase your living standard

Because I look at my aunt at this time

She is in the heart.

My aunt was originally single

She lived alone,

She is in a room called 3LDK

She keeps living with a high rent,

She can’t make money

I’m crying to my mother …

The last one

I have to fix broken glasses

Wear broken glasses on one side

I’m getting older and older

I’m a little crazy.

At that time I didn’t have any money,

Her mother was also a pension

I managed to get the money from my house

Various incidents with that hand

As I started waking up,

If you can’t help any more,

To receive welfare

I arranged it.

Still, like crazy

I came to give her mother on Oniden, so

Change her phone number

As a result, it is cut off from our house.

Since then, I do not know where or or may be.

This is what

Around the bubble experienced person

It was quite normal.

So, for those in their 40s and 50s or older

Some people hate investment.

What was really sad

At the end when I was interacting with my aunt

Her aunt said, “I found a delicious and cheap yakiniku restaurant!”

The shop that took me with me

It was an Anrakutei 슬롯머신사이트 that I used to go to.

My aunt is Anrakutei

I don’t know it’s a chain store

At the time of accounting,

She called the clerk to the table,

Like the remnants of the bubble season

“Please check (check)”

She said she said …

It’s not such a store, Anrakutei.

Take a slip and pay at the cash register.

It was a memorable memory.


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Western Japan’s largest

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I was really looking forward to it

I hope this year’s release!

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There are a few places to leave in September!

I will do my best too!

We look forward to your visit today!

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