“MHR: S Diary -Puppy Research Level 84 is a beach Nyonhon Mion”

Nyonyo came to the beach

Nyonyo ~~~~~! !

Nyonyo ~~~~~! !

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I’m a secret squad, but I’m doing it in inertia.

I thought it was bad, and recently the author has been using acorns.

Sometimes I can’t see it completely, but when I get sick, I’m happy, and Myon also sends today’s hunting diary. Mya wants to be able to swim fast like Roselphin. husband. My husband, Zion (the middle of Nyonyo images), is a solo -sang -sang -sha and Otomo group. Mya was waiting for the EX5 quest to come out while doing various types of puppet research. I try to hunt a puppet monster that I haven’t hunted very much. Mya can get the material, but there is no EX5 monster. Mya is a weapon of the fire attribute, collecting high -level materials at a high level of Ashilla, and janaf’s face with a water -based weapon. Around this time, I thought that the author was inefficient, and when I examined the capture site etc., it was said that EX5 would be added to the normal puppet quest if it became Lv81. At the time of the research, it was about Lv78, but if I was doing quests of three consecutive consecutive monsters, including puppet monsters, I really hate the split. It hurts. Even though the Senkai and the fire dragon are digested several times, other EX5 monsters have appeared one after another. There is also such a quest. Mya says that Zion says she doesn’t practice Nushiasilla at all (because she’s only hunting only for Hyakuryu Night). The material is also a little bit. I can get a little bit of a Maka Alchemy guy (yellow four). Last night, Myya also did a quest of the Puppi Denki Dragon & Thunder Wolf & Shijima (Kasumi Dragon). In general, when it comes to such a continuous thing, Zion said that it was troublesome because he had to change clothes properly with the equipment suitable for the target. 카지노사이트 That’s why Maya has been a monster hunter for the first time a puppet in armor. For the time being, Ma has been a puppet in the silver sol. The weapon is Mao, the wing of the wings of Ken. This is ↓ Thanks to the two -frame slot of the head and arms, the closing is increased. If the original whole body is also attached to a sword mode, it should be more than 100 % critical with weakness special effects. The new guard enhancement in the waist has never been better in Chaaku, so for the time being, I hired it for the time being (but be careful of overconfidence and overconfidence). Once you put in the foot of the foot, it will be a habit. Sol’s weakness, which is the weakness of water and lightning, is Mya, who has given up. You have to supplement with dumpling skills or practice a lot of those monsters. Even if a normal MR thunder wolf dragon is troublesome to take a recovery medicine, it may be easy to do it. After all, it is safer to increase attribute resistance than physical defense (Sun’s break) now. perhaps. I want to run around the sea with Roselphin someday ♪

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