Omicron Ba.5 Macau, the number of new positive people has increased for the first time in 4 days … 18 people from the general city, 5 people = 6/18 cumulative (Macau Shimbun) (Macau Shimbun)

Macau, a population of about 680,000, maintained zero infections in the city of the new colona for about eight months, but since midnight on June 18, positive people have continued for about one month. 。 (Hereafter, “6.18 outbreak”) 6.18 Outbreak, which has a very strong infectivity, has a very strong Omicron mutant group “BA.5.1” flowing into the city (unknown infection source), expanding its propagation. It is a major threat to Macau, which is considered to be done, with a population density of more than 20,000 per square kilometers per square kilometer. The government aims to achieve zero collarona targets, such as high -frequency PCR inspections and “social relative station”. The Macau Government New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Countermeasures Center announced the latest information on 6.18 outbreak on July 20. The number of people who have been positive (limited to city infection cases) after a PCR test during the last 24 hours until 0:00 am on July 20 is 18 people. It increased for the first time in four days, and the minimum record update after the peak (149 on July 9) was cut off. Of the 18 people, the discovery from the isolation target (in the local rock -down target zone and isolation quarantine hotels), 13 people increased by six from the previous day, and five people from the general city of two (rich contact (rich contact) (rich contact)). Two people, two citizen PCR tests and two priority inspection targets, one other). The majority of cases from isolation to discover for 12 consecutive 코인카지노 days, and the number of positive people from the general city maintained one digit for four consecutive days. There were 1783 cumulative positive people since June 18, up to 22,100 people who were subject to epidemiological surveys (isolated) by 8:00 am on March 20. In addition to 1783 positive breakdowns, 3505 rich contacters, 11,869 non -core contacters (were presented with positive), 1316 secondary contacters, and 254 general contacts. There are 780 attendants. Macau has been conducting a high frequency of comprehensive PCR tests for all citizens and quick antigen tests for all citizens, as well as additional PCR tests that focus on some of the priority areas and priority people. ing. From July 10 to 23, a high -frequency PCR test is being conducted (take the test every 2 days, the 7th to 13th after June 19), and during the period, a self -implementation of a quick antigen test is also required. It is. Currently, the 12th inspection is underway (8:00 am on the 20th to 7:00 pm on the 21st). The 11th test ended at 7:00 pm on the 19th was taken by 666,849 people, and two positive reactions were detected (one for 10 people). The number of positive reaction detections of mixed samples has been decreasing as the fourth and later, two weeks ago. Specifically, 94 are 94 in the 4th, 41 in the 5th, 23 in the 6th, 17 in the 8th, 13 in the 8th, 9 in the 9th, 10th. 5. Currently, local lockdowns and measures to inhibit various people have been taking measures for places where positive people have appeared (builds and store units), but as an additional special measure, “Social Relative Still” from 0:00 on July 11th. I entered the state. During the period, the operation of companies and business locations other than (infrastructure, fuel, food, pharmacy, etc.), which is needed for social management and citizens’ life, is required. The casino is also closed. In addition, it is based on a stay home, and if it is necessary for all citizen PCR tests or work for business, it is limited to the purchase of living goods and emergency requirements, and adults are required to wear a mask above the KN95 standard. This measure was initially 7 days, but it was extended for 5 days and was implemented until midnight on the 23rd. The violation of the special measures to various provisions is subject to criminal punishment. Macau authorities are promoting efforts to zero infectious cases in the general city as the “zero korona period”, and are expected to move to the “consolidation period”, which will be the final stage of Zero Corona more reliable on the 23rd. It is still in a situation where multiple positive people from the general city appear, and it is difficult to read future developments.

IR (integrated resort facility) plans, including casinos, are being announced in various parts of Japan. Local residents have various reactions in the municipalities that are attracting, but in Yokohama, opponents have already taken action. On October 3, 2019, opposition residents gathered in the hall in Naka -ku, Yokohama, and a university professor, who has also criticized casino criticism, gave a lecture, and citizens and opposition city councils raised their energy.

The basis of the numbers issued by the city

It was the “Yokohama Liaison Committee against Casino” that hosted this “Cavenge no Cavenir Meeting”. The seats at Kannai Hall, which became the venue, are full. It is said that all 1200 copies have disappeared in the organizer announcement.

In this article, we will pick up the gambling addiction part of the IR casino, especially from the lecture of Professor Yoichi Toribata and Shizuoka University, who gave a lecture at the rally, and write it along with the report of the rally. Professor Toribata is an economist who specializes in international financial theory, which has also written by “Casino Fantasy -The Japanese Economy Growing” (KK Best Sellers).

In the lecture, we use slides, and first refute the number of materials presented by Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor Yokohama and Yokohama City. In the city, there are many day -trip customers in Yokohama, so we are calling tourists at IR facilities including casinos, but in the first place, Tokyo (2.4 times), Aichi Prefecture (2.5 times), and Kyoto (2.4 times). ) Compared to), the number of foreign tourists in Yokohama was high (2.6 times) ( * 1).

The city asks if the citizens may not indicate the accurate information without bias or operation. Furthermore, I will explain the IR with casinos while giving detailed numbers, but especially importantly, IR accounts for 90 % of casinos, collecting and returning high -priced shareholders. He pointed out that it would be a facility assuming pursuit.

IR sucks local consumption

There are already casinos in 140 countries around the world, but are often created artificially because they attract customers in areas without tourism resources. In addition to casinos, there are also accompanying facilities such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities, and conference halls, but they provide these facilities at low prices with casino revenue.

In other words, despite the unique tourism resources, Japanese casinos have to compete with Singapore, Macau, and Casino in Korea. As a result, it will be dragged into a barren international competition bog for collecting capital and attracting customers.

In addition, the IR containing a casino is a self -contained type, and it is difficult to consume the surrounding areas because customers spend money in the IR. Professor Toribata pointed out that hotels and restaurants were provided at a low price to attract customers to casinos, so that the surrounding area could not compete in price competition, and local consumption would be further sucked into IR.

Casino that creates gambling addiction

The casino rotates full in 24 hours. Because it is united with the hotel, there is no need to return home, so it is easy to pickle casinos, and the casino side will continue to gamble.

Casinos are prepared for card games such as blackjack, poker, and baccarat, table games such as roulette and back gamon, and slot machines. These are highly won, but if they continue gambling for a long time, they will be able to lose their customers in a probable manner.

Therefore, the characteristics of casino gambling are long, high, high, and more prone to gambling addiction than other bets. Casino’s business model is to keep gambling in a room without windows for 24 hours. In other words, if a certain number of customers are gambling, the IR will not be established.

Gambling addiction seems to be all, but it doesn’t always win, but it’s not interesting to win. The purpose is to win and lose, and gradually gamble than winning or losing.

The target is Japanese

Professor Toribata begins to talk even more scary. Japan’s IR is a business that sucks personal financial assets for wealthy and elderly people at casinos. In other words, it was the identity of the IR that targeted Japanese, not foreign tourists such as Chinese.

The Japanese government says that it will take measures against gambling addiction, but it 온라인슬롯 is also doubtful. IRs, including Japanese casinos, are modeled on Singapore, but Singapore’s addiction measures take a method that does not open the casino to the people, and also excludes self -exclusion that does not enter the casino with addiction or asset. As a result of the program (Self-EXCLUSION Program), gambling addiction is decreasing.

These regulations in Singapore are performed by NCPG (National Council On Problem Gambling). The Japanese government will submit personnel proposals from the casino management committee in the extraordinary parliament since the fall of 2019, but the content is unclear and it is unknown whether strong regulations can be performed like Singapore.

The casino that can be done in Japan has a limit of three times in 7 days, but Professor Toribata is open 24 hours a day, so if you continue, you will be immersed in a casino for up to six days. He warned that the US example would not be expected to be effective, and that gambling addiction would increase, especially from the casino.

Established by losing customers and becoming gambling addiction

Mayor Hayashi and Yokohama say that casinos are needed to make the finances healthy, but there are concerns that the existence of a casino will reduce tax revenue and increase the burden on the region. For example, if a casino can be made, local pachinko parlors will decrease, and as mentioned above, if customers are sucked into the IR, it is expected that the local economy will be exhausted and consumption will be sluggish, and more people with gambling addiction will increase. Social costs increase.

In the first place, casinos do not produce anything productive. It is a business model that is established by losing customers. In order to obtain a tax revenue of 100 billion yen, it is necessary to consume 670 billion yen, that is, to lose customers. Professor Toribata asked if it was necessary for Yokohama to deprive the elderly’s retirement funds, increase gambling addiction, make it covered with debt, and collapse the family.

There are many charms in other countries without an IR containing casinos in Japan. Rather, if a casino can be made, it will result in a loss of Yokohama’s brand power. Yokohama asserted that it would be possible to redevelop the port without having to rely on the casino, and that Pacifico Yokohama had a competitiveness of MICE ( * 2).

Professor Toribata finally says the “trap” of the IR type casino, and in the government plan, it will conclude a 30 -year implementation agreement between the local government and the casino trader, but once a contract is concluded, the rotation with the casino will be rotten. He pointed out that it would last forever.

In order to make casinos profit, we must continue to invest in competition with other countries and regions, and continue to increase gambling addiction. The municipality becomes a casino dependent. Conversely, if the casino is in trouble, the municipality will compensate for the loss, and the regulations will be loosened to gather customers. This will increase the burden on the region.

Is it a referendum or mayor recall?

In the Yokohama City Council, the majority of the majority of the number called only casino propulsions. However, the opposition parties also had the opportunity to explain the dangers of casinos in the city council.

This event was gathered by many citizens opposing casinos to Yokohama, but in the future of activities, we gathered signatures for the city council for a referendum on attracting the city council, and in parallel, the recall of the mayor of Hayashi. He says he will also sign. It seems that a similar rally will be held several times this year, but how will Yokohama respond to these movements?

After the rally, I asked some impressions. A woman in her 60s who came from Tsurumi Ward said, “I’m glad many people gathered. I think many people don’t understand the casino yet, so I should start with a referendum asking by all means and spread my voice little by little.” I was saying. A man in his 70s living in Naka Ward was angry, saying, “I’m opposed by the feeling of stopping or stopping humans. The mayor is dependent on the casino. It is better to recall.” 。

We also asked the younger generation with three people (women in their 30s = Hodogaya Ward, Male 20s = Kanazawa Ward, Men 20s = Kanagawa Ward). “I didn’t have any clear information, so I was glad to hear a lot of things on these opportunities. If I invited a casino, I didn’t know which was better because it wasn’t in the middle. The political method of starting to promote it should be a problem, and for that purpose, the referendum would be easy for the younger generation to understand. “

As they say, Mayor Hayashi and the city council, such as the Chief, have been candidates as “blank paper” for casinos, winning without any promotion or opposition, and becoming the chief and in parliament. Nowadays, politicians’ words are becoming more and more lighter, but what are you happy about winning the election with a deceive behavior?

● Consultation on drug dependence, etc.

List of “National Mental Health and Welfare Center”

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