Submit “Direct claim signature for referendum”

A direct claim signature for a referendum for a referendum for the “Casino and the Society for Residents’ Friendships decided by the citizens” was submitted yesterday in the prefecture and submitted by Kadoma.

The “Association” announced is 208,552 brushes, greatly exceeding the statutory number of about 146,000 brushes.

At this time, the local government that exceeded the statutory number was 54 in 72 municipalities, and the start was slow at Kadoma, unfortunately could not exceed the statutory number, 크레이지슬롯 but it was a major movement.

In the future, it will be questionable whether or not a referendum will be implemented by the prefectural assembly.

In addition to watching, we will not allow casino promotion members in Osaka, which is a major issue in the Upper House election, but will work on the victory of former House of Councilors Tatsumi Kotaro!

No, it’s hard.

If you see the inhabitant tax decision notification in June,

There is no shadow or shape, such as the hometown tax deduction, and the full throttle resident tax …

Ko ……………………………….. Lost 50,000 yen, 50, I’m, I’m

In my life, that is, dies! !

Gut … what will you lose …

I know the cause.

I haven’t moved my resident card from my parents’ home.

It’s troublesome and I don’t know if I will live in my current apartment.

However, the country did not seem to forgive it …

First of all, despite the fact that the government office has not applied for anything, the resident tax decision notice has changed to the current address.

Well, I applied for a commuter pass to the company.

I can’t keep it as it is.

I rushed to the tax section.

Then, it turned out that there were two ways left.

① Give up

② Final tax return

There is absolutely ①, ②, ②.

I didn’t want to file a final tax return, so I made it a one -stop special system …

Mendokusa (‘A`)

First of all, I believed in the one -stop special system, so I was foolishly shredder the receipt.

Therefore, we ask the local government at the donation to reissue the receipt.

And since it is necessary for a final tax return, we will finally issue a reluctant My Number card.

Well, if you don’t do it someday, you won’t be able to be Japanese people.

The Japanese government is going to do that.

If you are interested, look at the anime psychopath.

I know how convenient the government is for the government’s dystopia …

In the past, there was a D.ZONE in the doujin PC version BL game … I don’t see this story, so if you know 솔레어카지노 it, please DM. Get along.

The story was up.

Anyway, it’s a final tax return.

According to people in the government office, there seems to be 5 years of grace, so this year! ! I will do it with that feeling.

And unless you transfer your resident card, the hometown tax payment you did this year is also a final tax return.

You can file a final tax return even if you do not have a My Number card, but it will be repeated, but I will do it as much as I live in Japan, so I decided to get a minor point.

It’s troublesome! ! !

But I won’t lose for 50,000 yen! ! ! !

Our battle is about to come! !

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