Swiss conductor Lorenzo Viotti becomes a global watch ambassador in Bulgari

French Swiss conductor Lorenzo Viotti has become a global watch ambassador in Bulgari. Bulgari’s values ​​will be sent to people around the world by music director.

Value to resonate

Bulgari has announced that he will welcome the conductor Lorenzo Viotti as his global watch ambassador. Born in Rosanne in 1990, he is a French Swiss conductor.

His background, which appears in the classical music scene in Japan, is a sincere and surprising thing. In 2012, he won the first place in the Kadakes Symphony Orchestra International Conductor Competition at the age of 22.

He won the Nestlé Young Conductors Awards in 2015, and won the MDR Symphony 코인카지노 Orchestra Conductor Competition in 2016. In 2017, he won the “Rookie Award” at the International Opera Award. He was also appointed as the chief conductor of the Nederrant Philharmonic Orchestra, and was a powerful person who won various named prizes.

Born and raised in an Italian family, he is a model of talent and dedication, and embodies Bulgari’s insatiable challenges for outstanding and magnificence. In addition, as a Swiss, it resonates with the connection with Switzerland, which creates Bulgari watchmaking. And the Italian roots in him were destined to be an ideal family worthy of Bulgari, a Roman brand based around the world.

Lorenzo Viotti said:

“Thank you for opening this new chapter with the Bulgari Family. Bulgari’s artistic visions and traditions of Bulgari’s future and traditions I respect and try to incorporate them in my own artistic activities. And two elements for the future. “

And Bulgari’s Group CEO Jean -Christoph Baban left the following comments:

“We are very happy to be able to welcome Lorenzo Viotti as a member of the Bulgari Family. He is a wonderfully embodied Bulgari’s bold identity. Like Bulgari’s proud look -making craftsmanship. , Lorenzo combines the strictness of Switzerland in the soul of Italian. Time is the rhythm of music. Bulgari sets his talent, Bulgari’s time -piece chaimding watches and world records. I am proud to be able to express it with the outstanding “Bulgari Bvlgari Aluminum Watch”. Along with Beatrice Venice, launched an original and youthful artistic dream team, and the beauty of Bvlgari’s Orlo Jury. We transmit creativity “

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