The investment is left to a wife with a strong heart.

The first stock in my life was Doosan Infracore. The current law cannot touch the retirement allowance before leaving the company, but at that time the company put the retirement allowance in December with the salary of December. Even though I received my money, I felt like I received a year -end bonus. December, when the salary doubled, was busy. I made a trip plan or looked at what I wanted to have. That year I bought Doosan Infracore’s stock with that money.

I liked the advertising copy, ‘People are the future.’ It felt like a company with the future. The stock price dropped, as the name of infrastructure, it seemed to hold on to the center of the foundation technology. Above all, the biggest reason for the professional baseball team that I support is Doosan Bears.

The stock price of Doosan Infracore was 슬롯머신 different from expectations. The price dropped as soon as the lion was. I was struggling about 10% below the bought price and sluggish support for nearly a year.

“Doosan Bears will win again.”

That year, the Korean series was attached to SK and Doosan. A bout against my retirement allowance. I was more serious than usual. Doosan won the first game of the Korean Series, but afterwards, he lost four consecutive loses to SK. The day after Doosan Bears’ championship was frustrated, Doosan Infracore shares were sold without regret. My first stock investment left so much bitter.

My investment tendency is high -profit high -risk investment type. I have never bought high -market stocks such as Samsung Electronics and LG Chem. As the big size is big, it is relatively dull to fall from the downturn, but it was also frustrating to climb the rising. It was boring without dynamic. Distributed investment was not very interested. Distributed investment is good for risk management, but the words that were stuck in my ears were high risk high returns. By managing the risk, it could not be aiming for high profits. The eggs are only in one basket.

It was my own rules to choose a stock to hold a basket. I didn’t live without any stocks. A company with something I like. A company that attracts me with something. So even if you fall, you won’t regret it. Jin Ramyun was delicious, so I bought Ottogi, and the lotion I was using was moisturized on my skin. I walked.

The stocks I want to buy are boldly choosing, and the biggest problem with my stock investment is that it is poor to catch the point of selling. After buying stocks, the stock price drops strangely comfortably and without fear, but when you start climbing, it’s restless from then on. When you fall, you will be able to stand up for several months, as if you are looking at others. If this is the case, why do you have high risk? Since I boarded, looking into the stock price that rises more, it was more painful and hard to endure than seeing the stock price falling after the accident.

When I heard that my wife bought more than 30%, my wife was proud of it.

“It’s not meaningful. It’s my money to sell and hold it in my hand.”

Wherever I picked up the horses, I talked about a professional, but my wife was amazed without selling more than 30%. How can I do so? I sold it even if I went up a little, and I never had a return of more than 10%. More than 10% of damages are familiar.

In October last year, BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, was listed. It was said that the market capitalization was more foamed than the three entertainers, and there were many saying that the revenue source was only BTS, so it was suspected of continuous growth. Big Hit’s share price continued to fall for a few days after the listing date. When the stock price dropped below 200,000 won, I bought 10 weeks of Big Hit.

“There is only one revenue source, but the only source is BTS.”

I was confident. The relationship between Big Hit Entertainment and BTS was not comparable to the relationship between Doosan Infracore and Doosan Bears. If BTS’s new song was released and the song was once again in the Billboard, I thought that the stock price of Big Hit Entertainment would fly.

The news that the new song “Life Goes On” was ranked first on the Billboard chart came through the news, but Big Hit’s share price did not soar. The stock price, which fell down, settled at a 30%loss.

“I’m holding it with a fan. It’s cool. I’m cheering.”

As soon as I recovered the main exhibition earlier this year, I comforted with my fan sentiment. As soon as I sold the stocks that I had been holding for more than three months, the stock price rose by 30%of my money.

After his retirement, money management was left to his careful wife. I was scared too. The stock investment skills that used to play with little money could not be touched by valuable retirement funds. The management of retirement funds was more appropriate for a wife with a strong heart without selling even though the price rises. She sometimes appeals to my aggressive investment method for his wife who is worried about what kind of sport she needs to buy and when to live.

“Leave it to me. I’ll go to Macau Casino doubled.”

Of course, I don’t even pretend.

Investment is left to her wife, and I buy my way as I buy a company’s shares that attract me with my pocket money. Jin Ramyun grabbed Shin Ramyun and hoped to become the number one market share.

4 people, 4 colors, and other people gathered for writing.

It is a mock to write properly, and it is an attempt to live together.

I hope you are going to mock the magazine every Monday and Thursday.

Now, then it goes into the hand ~, Q!

Hong Kong Market Overview on the 27th: Hansen 2.9 % higher, rapidly rebounded, Baidu and Alibaba rapidly

The Hong Kong market on the 27th, the Hansen Index, which consists of 66 major stocks, is 20697.36 points higher than the previous day (2.89 %), and 205.17 points for the mainland stock index (former H stock index) consisting of mainland company shares. (2.98 %) It suddenly rebounded with a higher 7082.38 points. The trading value is expanding to Hong Kong Kong Kong Kong (95,562 million dollars on the 26th).

A flow of sales of China online major sales in which investor psychology is up. The quarterly financial results announced by the Alibaba Group Holding (Alibaba Group Holding: 9988/HK) and the Internet’s largest hundred groups (Baidu: 9888/HK), which are the largest HD (Alibaba Group Holding: 9888/HK), the largest HD (Alibaba Group Holding: 9988/HK) It greatly exceeded. In Ogi, Alibaba stocks were 12.2 % higher and Baidu stock increased 14.3 %. The buying spread to other online stocks, and the Hansen science technique (tech) index was 3.8 % higher, an outper -for other indexes (rising 28 in the configurated stock 30). Expectations for China’s economic measures continue. The Chinese government has recently published measures for employment, infrastructure investment, industrial support, and consumption stimuli one after another. It is also a good idea that the new number of new Coronavirus infections are calm in mainland China. In Shanghai City, which has been de facto rock down (urban blockade) since late March, face -to -face classes will be resumed at some schools from June 6. (Ashuro Research Editorial Department)

In the brand of the Hansen Index, in addition to the above Alibaba, the bio -drug development contracted company’s pharmaceutical biologies (WSI Biology: 2269/HK) is 7.2 % higher, and the founding business (Tect Ronic Industries, Tect Ronic Industries. : 669/HK) was 5.9 % higher, and the number of Kyohong group ( 9618/HK), a major Chinese company (e -commerce), was increased by 5.6 %.

By sector, leisure related to travel agencies and casinos is high. 12.3 % for Higashi -Kouyuki HD (EGL Holdings: 6882/HK), 7.5 % for the same Geuryu HD (Tonchen E’lon Holdings: 780/HK), 7.1 % for travel ( Group: 9961/HK). The galaxy entertainment group (Galaxy Entertainment: 27/HK) increased by 3.5 %, and the Ei Macau (Win Macau: 1128/HK) increased by 2.7 %. Regarding travel agencies, it was also a tailwind that Japan would alleviate the water -shelter measures and resume the entry of foreign tourists. According to Hong Kong’s major travel agency, Ken in Higashi -Ken, the Japanese government has recently received inquiries about at least 50 Japanese tours every day since the Japanese government resumed the entry for foreign tourist purposes recently. It is said that he is receiving it.

Consumption sectors such as sports equipment and home appliances are also solid. With a 5.0 % increase in low -tracking physical education supplies (ANTA Sports Products: 2020/HK), 4.1 % higher for Chinese trends (3818/HK), 3.7 % higher for Lee (Linin: 2331/HK), TCL Electronic HD (1070/HK (1070/HK) ) Was closed at 4.1 % higher.

On the other hand, there is no Chinese power generation sector. China Electric Power International Development (2380/HK) is 4.0 %, Ryuto Electric Power Group (916/HK) is 2.8 %, and Han Noh International Power (902/HK) is 1.9 %, which is 1.9 %, and Hui Electric Power HD (836/HK) Is finished trading at 1.6 % cheaper.

On 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 the other hand, the mainland market has continued for three days. The main indicator of the Shanghai General Index ended the transaction at 3130.24 points, up 0.23 % higher than the previous day. High energy stocks. Transport, banks and insurance stocks, food beverage stocks, materials, pharmaceutical stocks, etc. were also bought. On the other hand, IT high -tech stocks are cheap. Real estate stocks, public interest stocks, automobile stocks, and securities stocks were also sold.

Anju Research Co., Ltd.

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