“The last day of studying abroad”

Return to Cebu Island from Kuala Lumpur.

I arrived at Cebu late at night.

The hotel is Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. I wanted to get rich at the casino, but I lost in an instant and stopped and went to swim.

The room was calm. I’m glad.

It was the last night of the Philippines, so I wanted to go everything I wanted to go! It is a maniac place where taxi drivers will get lost. Finally arrived while watching the navigation!

10000 Rose Cafe & More

It is a Tensou Santo Rose Cafe.

I wanted to go once with the recommendation of the Philippine teacher. 1000 roses of LED light shine.


It is along the coast and the atmosphere is good.

There are many cafes.

I was waiting for a taxi, so I just took a picture and went home.

On the way back to the carbon market at night. It is a super local market.

The security here was not good, so I took a picture and returned to the taxi.

It is a lively atmosphere. Vegetables and stalls are lined up in the local market. I ate only pineapple, but it was sweet and delicious.

The Philippines and the last night of studying abroad were sushi with friends.

The men’s who got drunk and cared for me as a drunken woman. I thought I was already hated! ! Thank you for contacting me!

I was drunk on the road that day.

I was almost hit by a car! !

I was told. I’m really sorry. I hardly remember.

Sushi delicious! !

A sushi restaurant that is said to be the most delicious on Cebu Island. Collection Japanese restaurant

While studying abroad, I often 코인카지노 played with this uncle (I). Thank you! Even though there is a difference in age, they will treat you without separation.

I ate a lot and everyone seemed happy. She seems to be tired of rice in the dormitory, so she has a cute stamina!

It was a warm and fun night that was perfect for the last night, listening to their love stories, talking about their activities while studying abroad.

Hug and bye -bye. See you again in Japan!

I’ll go back to Japan!

It was three months like a dream. It was fun but very busy. We will continue to make efforts in English.

And when I lived in Cebu Island, I was able to review my values.

I am grateful to all the people who have been involved for three months. I’m really thankful to you.

Study abroad in Cebu Island


US Market Digest on the 19th: NY Dow $ 499 higher, Corporate payment and economic activity resumption

■ NY Stock: NY Dow $ 499 higher, expects corporate payments and economic activities to resume

The US stock market has rebounded. The Dow average ended with $ 34911.20, up $ 34911.20, and Nasdaq ended with 13619.66, 287.30 points higher. After approaching the expectations for corporate financial results, it rises. Federal District Court has determined that it is invalidated to be mandatory to wear a national mask, and the Transport Security Bureau (TSA) and the Disease Countermeasures Center (CDC) have withdrawn the duty to wear masks on public transportation, so we will resume economic activity. Expectations have become even stronger, and the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) has been offset the rapid rising interest rate hike and the high interest rate. Even the high -techescector sold, the repurchase was stronger, and the main stock index has expanded the increase. By sector, durable consumer goods, apparel, and retail were rising, while energy has fallen.

Pharmaceutical companies, Johnson and Johnson (JNJ), rose more than per share in the FY021 -March financial results. Hasbro (HAS), which sells toys, also increased in sales in the first year -March fiscal year and rose the previous year. Airline United (UAL), Delta (DAL), and American (AAL) have risen to increase sales due to the withdrawal 에볼루션카지노 of masking obligations. Travel -related stocks such as cruise -operated carnival (CCL) and casino -operated Win Resorts (WYNN) were also bought. Yoga Apparel’s Lulu Lemon (Lulu) rises by analyst investment decisions.

Netflix (NFLX), a video distribution, announced its financial results after the transaction. The number of contractors in the January -March quarter has been greatly sold and sold greatly. On the other hand, the IT service IBM (IBM) exceeded expectations in the financial results and bought it.

Horiko Capital Management LLC

■ NY Foreign Exchange: Full -scale yen due to the expansion of interest rate difference between Japan and other countries

In the New York Foreign Exchange Market on the 19th, the dollar and yen rose from 128.07 to 128.97 yen, and was closed for 128.89 yen. Despite the rise in mortgage rates, the number of housing starts in March increased unexpectedly from February, which has been the first highest in 16 years since June 2006, and Evans -U.S. -US Governor’s Governor of the U.S. Corp. Gyosa also increased interest rates. With the view that the economy will maintain healthy growth, the interest rate hike of the Federal Reserve (Fed) has been further increased, and the dollar buying accompanied by the rise in long -term interest rates has accelerated. In addition, the increase in Japan -US interest rates has spurred yen selling.

The Euro Dollar fell from $ 1.0808 to $ 1.0782 and was closed for $ 1.0786. The euro and yen rose from 138 yen 30 yen to 139 yen 10 yen. Yen selling accelerated for the expansion of the European interest rate difference. Pound Dollar fell from $ 1.3025 to $ 1.2981. Dollar Switzerland rose from 0.9434 francs to 0.9524 franc.

■ NY crude oil: $ 102.05 in anti -drop, high dollar high and rising US long -term interest rates

NY Crude Oil Futures June limit (NYMEX crude oil June limited closing price: 102.05 ↓ 5.56). The New York Commercial Exchange (NYMEX) WTI futures June ended normal transactions at $ 102.05, a previous business day-on-year. The transaction range including overtime transactions is $ 101.51-108.37. In response to the anxiety of crude oil supply, it was bought up to $ 108.37 in the Asian market, but in the New York market, the price was disgusted by the rise in the dollar and the rise in US long -term interest rates, which temporarily fell to $ 101.51. After that, he returned to the first half of the $ 103 level in consideration of the US stock height, but was usually external transactions after normal transactions, at a level of $ 102.

■ The closing price of major American companies

Brand name ⇒ closing price ⇒ year -on -day (rise / fall rate)

Bank of America (BAC) $ 39.57 +0.72 ( +1.85 %)

Morgan Stanley (MS) 88.91 +2.43 ( +2.81 %)

Goldman Saxophone (GS) 335.95 +6.07 ( +1.84 %)

Intel (INTC) $ 47.93 +1.29 ( +2.77 %)

Apple (AAPL) $ 167.40 +2.33 ( +1.41 %)

Alphabet (Goog) $ 2610.62 +51.40 ( +2.01 %)

Facebook (FB) 217.31 +6.54 ( +3.10 %)

Caterpillar (CAT) 232.16 +2.24 ( +0.97 %)

Alcoa (AA) 86.58 -$ 2.87 (-3.21 %)

Wal -Mart (WMT) 157.65 $ 5 +1.77 ( +1.14 %)

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