“The story of” Oki Doki! DUO “for the first time”

The latest stand of Oki Doki, which has become a hot topic before the introduction, is finally debuted!

Our area has been introduced around 22nd.

There was a rumor that the next Oki Doki could make money, but I thought that the highena’s impression was a bubble than I imagined for a few days!?

The first offshore Okoki made a lot of money with the aim of reset morning 2 and through, but this time it was always changed to a specification that flies to heaven, making it easier to earn.

It is a story that the immediate operation does not fly and become a passage like the recent No. 6 … 😅

The day before, I hit the Gamera setting 6 rich until 22:00, and when I returned, 코인카지노 I checked the advantageous section lamp.

On the next morning, after securing a treasure of about 7000 yen for pachinko play time, check the advantage section lamp of the DUO corner before hitting. On this day, at the end of the play time, I assembled a break around with a few Duo growing up. It was a standard to start from other platforms and aim for Lise 1 Suito! He grew up as calculated on this day, and it was endless so that he had no time to eat from the morning from 21:00. Let’s say you write a hit diary.

Because it was introduced the day before, the setting base would be high due to the past trends, so I started to hit it bullishly and shallow! When doing hyena, it is better to know the setting base of the store. This may change the border at the beginning, and maybe the most consciousness when traveling in 47 prefectures. A certain Okinawan store was not a set base 2, but a troublesome hall of 3. After noticing it, I was able to do it with Ena. However, even if it exceeds 32g, the advantageous section lamp does not turn off … * This time, after flying to heaven, the advantageous section lamp is always cut. So, the history of the photo below that the neighbor hit was not one through, and it was actually 3 through. In other words, in this case, I did not fly to heaven with watermelon, and 3G cherry duplication was just a self -election.

After that, the hit was light, but I didn’t think I would eat through the ceiling from the first hit … Great victory ✌️

Oki Doki! Duo’s completion will be finalized when more than 2000 sheets are exceeded! If you exceed 1600 Rizero, it feels like going to 2400 endings. You can also adjust the number with pena! Finally, if you set 2399, you should be able to get 2405 pieces. If you make 2400 pieces, I think it will end with the minimum number of pieces. It’s actually over 💦

Finally, I put a video of the first pachislot that I took during the operation and a premium lighting called “Snacked willow lighting”. It seems that DUO’s detailed analysis has appeared. https://ameblo.jp/aruzefreaks/entry-12717360741.html

———————————————— –

‘Myanmar Spring’ forgotten soon


Neanmar, chairman of the Neanmar Citizens’ Association, said in a progressive report, “The victims of the military’s shooting after the coup in Myanmar died more than 1652 by March 11, were arrested more than 12,617, and more than 1973.” . (Omitted) He said, “The military is killing people and arsoning home, and the number of refugees who leave home and leave into the forest are increasing every day.” It is expensive, and it is hard to stand up with lack of daily necessities such as food and drugs. ” -In the text of the article-

At this time a year ago, foreign media had been busy. The Myanmar military, which caused a coup d’etat on February 1, 2021, was a “Myanmar Military Coup”, which has detained senior government officials, including Aungsan numerical torture, and proclaimed an emergency for one year.

Myanmar’s military, who took the regime as a coup, said in a statement that detention measures were carried out in response to election fraud, and power was transferred to Minister of Defense Minister Min Aung. The number torture, who had repeated detention and release during the 21 -year democratization movement, was detained again in 10 years, and Myanmar, where the military dictatorship was completed in 53 years in 2015, and the democratic government entered the democratic government again in five years. I have been in a situation where I go back to the system.

According to the Myanmar Political Protection Association (AAPP), March 14, 2021, a year ago, is one of the most frequent victims of the resistance movement. On the same day, when the fire broke out at the two factories owned by Raing Taiya Industrial District in Yangon, the guns of the military security forces, which were regarded as the act of the protesters, were fired indiscriminately against the protesters. It is confirmed that at least 115 people from all over the country, including the protesters, were killed in the field or after treatment.

AAPP has been damaged at least 440 homes and buildings since the coup, and as of March 10, 1642 citizens were killed by the coup. In addition, 9571 were detained, 834 were sentenced to court, and 45 of them were sentenced to death. The 1973 people still have a warrant for arrest. 118 were sentenced to absence, 39 of them were sentenced to death, and a total of 84 people were sentenced to death so far. There are two minors among those who have been sentenced to death.

The sacrifice of civilian citizens continues after a year of coup. On the 10th, two youths were confirmed to be dead. The victims were from Shanju’s waste cone and died on the 9th, and 10 and 17 years old were killed at home when the coup army invaded the Pecon Mobi area, AAPP said.

It has become a “neglected news” that is recent and is currently ongoing, but is not common in overseas topics. Recently, the Hong Kong democratization demonstrations and Myanmar coup are forgotten. Even on the other side of the earth, even if it is the current ‘war story’, it tends to be easily buried than the work of Hong Kong.


Mr. Lee emphasized the necessity of protection of national security in Hong Kong, strongly criticizing foreign involvement in 2020 and 2021 business reports since the large -scale anti -government protests in Hong Kong in 2019. “We believe that China has been suppressed in Hong Kong in Hong Kong,” said Lau Shiukai, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Macau Research Association. “I’ll.” -In the text of the article-

Between Burma and Myanmar

‘Burma’ is more familiar than ‘Myanmar’. Burma, a Buddhist country that was remembered as ‘Burma’, was renamed the Myanmar Federation in 1988, and since 2010, the official name ‘Myanmar Federal Republic’ It has been changed to ‘. The “Myanmar Military Administration” changed its flag and formal name ahead of the 2010 general election in 20 years.

In fact, the official title of this small country of Indochina Peninsula is still a hot potato. There are quite a few countries, including the UK, and are still called the day and night, and the BBC World News is also called Burma. (CNN International is called Myanmar.) ‘Burma’, the name of the past, was used to mean the country of the Burma, the most nation in Myanmar.

The military has changed to the Myanmar Federal Republic in the sense of establishing identity and encompassing many people. However, some point out that the etymology of Myanmar is the end of the Burma (derivation from Burm/Burn, etc.). The name of the military’s “intention” is a name that is full of “intentions”, and Mrs. Aungsan, a symbol of democratization, also appealed to the international community to call it Burma.

Especially in the West, such as the United States, it is not called Myanmar and is just called Burma. This comes from the controversy over orthodoxy, and the media that Myanmar will not recognize the military because it is an arbitrary national name randomly renamed by the military, is mainly called Burma. Therefore, there are separate media in the United States that are called Burma and Myanmar. When Mr. Aung San -soo visited Korea, there was an anecdote that asked domestic media to change Myanmar to Burma. Myanmines, who are staying in the democratization campaign, argue that Myanmar, the current official name, is a name given by the dictatorship by the dictatorship.

But in fact, it is hard to say that either Burma and Myanmar are right. This is because the name of Myanmar was changed by the name of the Burmese, and the name of the Burma was changed. Therefore, it is controversial to deny the name Myanmar only as a resistance to the current military. According to various documents (Wikidi Pia, etc.), ‘Burma’ is denatured in Myanmar, and it is the same in that it refers to Burma or ‘Myanmar’.

Whether it’s Burma or Myanmar, the etymology refers to the field. It refers to a large field to live in the village. In addition, in 2005, the meaning of ‘Yangon (Langgun)’, which was the capital until moving the capital to Nepido (means the village of the king), means “the end of war”. .

Prejudice makes discrimination

Burma, which was remembered as ‘Aungsan Bomber Terror’, came to Myanmar Military Coup one last day. In fact, the political anxiety and appeals of this country have been quite good. Those who sometimes reveal in Jonggak Station are remembered by the gatherings of Myanmines to help democracy in Burma-Myanmar. I have never listened properly. It was just a request for a foreign worker. Together with Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, there was only a good thing to see this country of Indochina peninsula.


Research has shown that the current air pollution concentration of the area, which sets residential rating as a “dangerous area” 80 years ago in the United States, leads to twice as high as other regions. -In the text of the article-

There is also a claim that Korea has no racial discrimination (Genobia). It is argued that the human composition of the national society itself is because there is no racial diversity. Is it really? In modern Korea, racial discrimination against people from countries such as Africa, South America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Caribbean, and Pacific, etc. It is said to be actually appearing.

In preparation for the Republic of Korea, we tend to lay the countries that are economically eliminated in one economic backward. These countries have fallen to the level of poor countries due to various factors such as civil and religious reasons, such as the failure of domestic policies, or the growth caused by excessive dependent on economic structure. It was easy to be generalized by judgment. The influence of narrow and biased world history and international social education was enormous.

In addition, people in these countries will enter the Republic of Korea by entering the Republic of Korea as an industrial trainee, a low -skilled factory worker, and a construction worker with the so -called ‘Korean Dream’. In fact, even though they have higher consciousness in high -educated skills than native English instructors, they discriminate with nationality and race alone. In addition, Christian abnormal boom -ups have a low religious understanding. Even though the Jews deny Christianity, the existence and resurrection of Jesus, the Muslims who recognize Jesus as a serious prophet are considered to be religious evil. In addition, the anti -communist sentiment, the “General Syndrome”, is also added. In the case of communist countries, the anti -communist sentiment caused by the notorious Soviet Union, the North Koreans, and the Black Temple, are also important.

The Ukrainians are a historical community that is rooted with the Russians. Nevertheless, the line is the source of the West and the Communist Revolution. A few years ago, the SNS profile has passed all over the French flag. It meant to commemorate Paris terrorism and oppose terrorism. At the same time, the Palestinian children who died by bombing were thoroughly ignored. Even if it is not very the same parable, the reason why ‘Myanmar’ is forgotten in our head is inferred.

The prejudice is sometimes wrapped in ‘Sosi’

The media, the media, and the general public are interested in the war in the land of Ukraine, which is close to the other side of the world. Only the word “invasion” reveals the axis of good and evil, and the position of the West and the United States is accepted as facts and truth. As a member of the world together, it may be natural as a minimum compassion of man. It is not known whether it is the way of the people who have become their historical nation or the action of a very complex geopolitical dynamics, but it seems to be so. I thought about looking into a history book, and I couldn’t open it once.


However, if the existing 예스카지노 notation is abandoned and the new notation can be used immediately, the Korean Language said that it can be used together for the time being. As a result, Keywi, Le Biu, ‘Libip’ and ‘Libov’, Azouhae ‘Azovhae’, Borispil International Airport ‘Borisol International Airport’, Hariku ‘Harikov’, The Sibers Kidonets River can also be used as the Donets River. -In the text of the article-

Recently, the news that the media decided to call Ukraine “Kyiv” as “Kiyu” overlaps. The claim may actually be a decision that does not worry about linguistics and history. Ukrainians exist, but Russian is a comparison language, and it is buried that it has abandoned Kiril characters as Russia, and that words and names have been changed from Russian to borrow. It’s no different from Burma-Myanmar.

Sometimes prejudice and discrimination appears with a mask called ‘Sosin’. ‘Sosi’ is not an emotion or an external influence, but an expression of one’s will. It is a way of intentional ‘self -expression’ to make yourself, as your own will, your own faith, to make yourself you want. But this ‘intention’ is always troubled. For the purpose of the purpose, it is ‘intention’ that does not choose means and methods.

The advanced human beings and the advanced society where they make their own communities are wrapped in their own words as ‘believers’. Even if the contents of the packaging are rotten fish called ‘prejudice and discrimination’. Humans are nodding at the end of evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, defined as selfish animals. Each individual has a conscience, but there is no conscience in the public. Therefore, education, learning, and enlightenment that can develop the power of “stationary land” are always precious.


The Ukrainian crisis is also on the distance.

Because you can be wrapped in prejudice because you are a belief yourself. Instead, I share the content of my favorite YouTuber Cho Seung -yeon. It would be nice to refer to those who are vague by “Ukraine”.


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